Superior Editing Tools

Easy to use, intelligent tools that track exactly where you are, check for Errors and Omissions, and let you share changes instantly. Why use a spreadsheet to record the placement details and a different tool to generate your placement charts?


Always Available

If you need to keep everything project-related together so nothing gets lost, and you want 24x7 quick access to your projects from any device; Mondrian acts as a fully comprehensive "Online Dashboard" complete with your own Personal Analytics and does the job better than anything else.


Team Talk Collaboration

Team Talk versus emails? No contest. Team Talk empowers employees to focus and be more productive by enabling them to collaborate privately with other Team Members without the distracting noise of daily email clutter or spam.


Securely store, share and control all your files

Online Integrated File & Document Store

Do you spend a lot of time creating and distributing documents; and then spend more time searching to find and identify the latest version?

What if you could securely store, share and control all your related files and documents for your project; and then work with anyone you want on anything, anywhere, anytime without distributing or emailing a single file or document?


Communication & Collaboration

Communication & Collaboration
Why integrating core business processes with private team communication and collaboration works best

Build Relationships and Collaborate Online without a Single Email or Meeting – and Find, Create, Discuss, Approve, and Bind a Complex Placement Project together more Quickly and Efficiently.

Orders of magnitude Improvements in Productivity, so you can get more time with customers and more customers!


Managed Social Networking inside your Enterprise

Make your complex projects more connected and social!

Sustaining end user enthusiasm and momentum is seen as one of the most significant challenge for organizations deploying collaboration solutions.

If the collaboration software does not immediately benefit the user’s daily core activity, there’s little motivation for the user to learn or contribute.


Get the Right Answers – Anytime You Want

Business Intelligence at your fingertips

Executives and Senior Management can quickly get up-to-the-minute individually tailored insights, and top-level views into relevant projects; key activities; reports; data; departments; employees; or anything else pertinent they need or want to know about.

Everything for smart decision making and impromptu calls and meetings.