Communication & Collaboration

Why integrating core business processes with private team communication and collaboration works best

Build Relationships and Collaborate Online without a Single Email or Meeting – and Find, Create, Discuss, Approve, and Bind a Complex Placement Project together Quickly and Efficiently.

Core Business Process

The core business process in the Commercial Insurance Broking Industry is the creation and renewal of insurance placements. It’s a complex process, involving many, many people; the originating broker, co-workers, management, the client, carriers; all who are likely to be geographically dispersed in multiple locations anywhere around the world.

And not all information and data generated during the placement should be accessible and shared with every stakeholder in the process chain. Some need to have viewing rights of aggregate information and some need viewing rights to specific granular detail, and some people should be able to edit and modify the details of the placement in collaboration with others. Typically in the industry today, the placement process is driven by a spreadsheet file (or files) for entering market data, carriers coverage, commitments and premiums; and “unlinked” PowerPoint documents for visual representation of placement charts.

As the build up of the placement is extremely dynamic and subject to change until accepted by the client and bound, many different versions of spreadsheets and PowerPoint files are created and distributed only to a “limited range” of stakeholders as it’s too hard to create a set of “sliced and diced variants” and also control and manage the distribution.

The major downside with this approach is that it invariably leads to multiple copies of data at varying stages of progress in the distribution chain, and is prone to possible errors, omissions, and possible miscommunication because of out of date versions and timing mismatches. (Spreadsheets are great tools but due to their amazing flexibility, have resulted in a number of high profile costly errors that resulted from undetected formatting mistakes). And sharing documents by email prevents Team Members from simultaneously making edits and leads to wasted time and effort.

The only way to solve this problem is to have one single “master” source of the data which the various stakeholders are able to utilize with relevant security controls to provide access to what is allowed to them based on their role and their needs; and include a way of detecting and capturing data errors and omissions during data entry.

The major purpose of the Mondrian system is to solve these problems by integrating a better and more accurate way of defining, producing and tracking the complete placement process.

The future plan is to integrate more core insurance business processes and more stakeholders (extending to clients and carriers); and ensure that all stakeholders have a simple and easy to use intuitive interface to improve their ability to collaborate efficiently and productively with your Enterprise.

Private Team Communication and Collaboration

How it works. At the start of a new placement or renewal of an existing one, the originating broker is able to specify and add in appropriate people as part of the project placement team and define their roles as observers and/or contributors. During the lifetime of the placement, the originating broker (or other people who have been designated with the same access rights) can also change the team composition by adding in new people and removing people who are no longer involved.

The originating broker creates the Team and defines roles and access rights so that the Team Members can access appropriate relevant information and data related to the placement. The Team can also engage in a closed group private discussion (Team Talk) and all the history of the dialogues are stored in a completely separate private space related and linked to the placement project. Team Members can have various access rights; some can start new discussions, others can be allocated to make comments only, and others can only observe. Discussions can also be set as Public, Private or Password Protected for extra privacy and security.

This is exactly what the Mondrian system is able to do. There is no need to distribute information via email, as all a Team Member needs to do is Sign In to access the system. Completely secure and private and contained in a single source data system with controlled access set by the originating broker. And it can also can be backed up and archived for safety and compliance.