Private Cloud Hosting


Different businesses choose different types of network set-ups that are best suitable for their requirements.

Some customers want to own the software and host it themselves; whilst others want to outsource the hardware, networking, software management and maintenance, and only want to pay a subscription fee for using the software application.

We adapt to your needs, whether you want a commercial license for internal deployment or a private cloud hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) program.

Traditional Commercial Software License:

If your organization already manages a data center or existing applications, and you want to host the software yourself, an annual software license is available. Annual licences need to be renewed each year for continuous usage and include regular software updates throughout the term without any further charges, apart from the annual fee itself.

Mondrian Online Limited remains 100% responsible for developing the software and delivering the necessary software updates for you to install. Your organization looks after and maintains the infrastructure where the software resides, manages, maintains and updates the software, and normally provides all the appropriate configuration, training, and ongoing support services to your users.

Private Cloud Based SaaS Solution:

If you want to obtain the same benefits of commercially licensed, internally operated software without the associated complexity, infrastructure and staffing requirements, we also provide a hosted “secure, private cloud based” model.

Your users gain access to the desired applications, 100% managed by Mondrian Online Limited in a high availability ISO certified environment in one of the most secure advanced data centers in the world.

The advantages are your organization can begin using our Software as a Service (SaaS) applications very quickly with all the necessary software, hardware, and connectivity all controlled and managed by Mondrian Online Limited.

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