Why Choose Mondrian

1Cloud Deployment Makes It Easy
Sign In and start reaping benefits immediately. Available wherever there’s a web connection.

2 Build Projects Critical To Your Job
Works the way you want; anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Track and execute to perfection.

3Intelligent Web Based Editing
Co-author and edit together. Works with one master source of data – and share with your Team instantly.

4Eliminate Errors and Omissions
Intelligence built into the process automatically detects and highlights problems for easy correction.

5Data Driven Placement Charts
100% accurate representation of your intentions – an exact mirror of your placement data.

6Pick Your Project Team
Pick a Team for each Project; and change the dynamics throughout the life of the Project as needed.
7High-output Team Collaboration
Share your Projects, expertise and capture group knowledge. No need for time costly meetings.

8The Result and Major Benefit
A more collaborative and productive workforce. High Performance Teams engaged and energized!

Our Mission

Our mission is to remove communication barriers and unleash the creativity, innovation, and motivation that is trapped in most people within organizations. We believe:

  • The technology you use at work should always be better than the technology you use in your personal lives. And everything you need should be available in one place, from your favorite device, no matter where you are.
  • That getting the best business results means assembling a team of experts that  forms and disbands repeatedly based on the knowledge, capability and intellectual capital required.
  • Business processes and technologies need continual evolution and combining Core Business Processes, and great Productivity Solutions with Social Business is your future.
  • Community and collaboration are the heart of the new enterprise. We believe co-workers, managers, customers, and business partners can now come together to build the great companies, markets, and the industries of the future.

If your users enjoy using our product, their work lives will be better – much better. And if people do better work, they will make a bigger difference; to their colleagues, customers, shareholders, and everybody they interact with.


This Mondrian website is a fully featured operational site which is ready to go. It also has a “fully staffed demo” organization (Umbrellacom Corporation) built in, that can be used to train and help employees learn how it all works. So if you wanted, you could use the Mondrian site after minimal set up, and get started right away.

Some companies prefer to have further work done such as; theme and skinning to corporate marketing standards; customization and tailoring for company specifics; various levels of integration with existing systems. If you are in this camp, you should regard this site as a configurable extensible platform that becomes a fully operational system after we make changes to meet your requirements.

Our Technical Consultants will sit down with your people and plan and define what modifications you require. Our Technical Team will then do the implementation and relatively quickly you will have fully operational software specifically tailored to your organization.

We then can either provide the software to your IT staff to install and configure behind your firewall within your own organization, or alternatively we could roll it out immediately to our own secure cloud infrastructure. In this case, you will not need to install any hardware or software as we will host and maintain it for you.

This means we provide a full service and you do not have to ever install, upgrade, troubleshoot software or solve hardware problems, or worry about computing complexity. You can participate and spend more time focusing on your business! We can do it all for you and guarantee exemplary levels of security, performance and availability.

Implementing enterprise collaborative software in an organization is much more than just deploying a system and inviting users.

If you want help with rolling out the system throughout your whole organization, we also have Strategy Consultants who can partner with you to develop a deployment plan to expand the system to all the relevant stakeholders in a phased approach.

Using our proven methodology and experience, our Strategy Consulting Services Team will guide you through the best practices to ensure the project is flawlessly executed and is aligned with your business goals and objectives.

Meet the Mondrian Management Team

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