Get the Right Answers – Anytime You Want

Business Intelligence at your fingertips

Executives and Senior Management can quickly get up-to-the-minute individually tailored insights, and top-level views into relevant projects; key activities; reports; data; departments; employees; or anything else pertinent they need or want to know about. Everything for smart decision making and impromptu calls and meetings. And Brokers get the productivity and collaboration tools to make it all happen – a Perfect Match!

Aligning the organization for maximum effectiveness

By having a real-time collaboration platform that links together people, core business process and data in a secure, private environment; it becomes much easier for Executives and Senior Management to gain insight into how their organizations are operating at the ground level. And much quicker for them to get roll-ups and other aggregated information in an easy to use and comprehensible format.

For example, if the CEO wanted to know what was happening in Asia in the Casualty Practice, there would be no need for complex searching within out-of-date reports, accessing disjointed emails or making urgent “call arounds”; everything would be available in a few “clicks”.

In most organizations, there are normally a lot of “layers” and “separation” between executives and the employees that often makes it difficult and challenging for anybody to get answers whenever required. And whilst it can be complex to bridge the gap between an organization’s hierarchical structure, that’s exactly what we do. We map the organizational structure and relationships dynamically to ensure that no matter who the executive is; whether it’s the CEO, a Practice Manager, or Head of a geographic region, they get an instant tailored insight of their own particular workplace, that they can see anytime and anywhere.

Other Benefits

Not only can Executives and Senior Management gain insight into specific projects, departments, employees, problems with clients and partners, or anything else they need or want to know about; there’s many other extra added benefits and “unexpected” spin-offs; such as, you can also keep a pulse on the company by gauging the overall attitude and morale of the overall company (and each practice and each department), what critical issues are being discussed and need to be addressed, and how employees feel about their jobs and the company they work for.

And it’s not passive uni-directional activity; Executives and Senior Management can contribute and participate at any time; inject their wisdom, knowledge and experience, identify missing resource requirements, and add comments, advice and praise as appropriate.

Improve company morale and motivate employees

With Mondrian, Executives and Senior Management have a unique and powerful opportunity to communicate with employees while removing all the barriers and hierarchy in between. If you were an employee you would probably feel pretty special that the CEO or a Senior Manager paid attention to your specific contribution.

From an executive standpoint this takes a few seconds and the impact is lasting. An executive can easily leave comments for other employees, encourage employees by posting motivational messages, and provide feedback instantly to anyone at the company regardless if they’re a junior employee and it’s their first day at work, or if they are long time members of senior management.